Rhododendron Swamp Trail

Level: Challenging

This short, half-mile trail is located in the woods just beyond the back entrance, and is a brief walk from the Lodge. It is level but rough and rocky in some sections. Travelers can discover the Wildlife Viewing Shelter at the beginning of the trail.

Among the natural highlights to be experienced along this trail are the breeding wood frogs in the swamp in very early spring, dense growths of ancient rhododendron that bloom in July, a great variety of salamanders, natural rock dens on the slopes above the trail (porcupines, gray foxes, black bears and other mammals have been seen here) and lots of red squirrel food stores in stumps and root systems. The quiet hiker may also glimpse pileated woodpeckers carving holes in trees, saw-whet owls roosting in the dark hemlocks, and groups of wild turkey and white-tailed deer moving up the rocky slopes of West Mountain.

At the Wildlife Viewing Shelter, bird feeders and salt licks attract songbirds, deer, turkeys, squirrels and other wildlife from December to March. There is a Self-Guided Booklet available from the Activities department for this trail.