Raven Trail

Level: Challenging

Completed in late 2006, this 1.9 mile long trail begins about 3/10 mile north of Lizzy’s Bridge on top of Route 390 at the northern boundary of Skytop’s lands (about 2.7 miles from the Lodge). There are several rocky, uneven sections, and a gradual uphill at the beginning. The trail features mixed oak forests, northern hardwoods, rock outcrops (with porcupine dens), scenic beaver marshes, a beautiful stretch of the Leavitt Branch with small waterfalls, and a dark, mature Norway spruce grove. A great diversity of nesting songbirds, resident mammals, and amphibians inhabit the remote forests and wetlands along the trail, as well as many colorful spring wildflowers such as marsh marigold, marsh blue violet, foamflower, trailing arbutus, pink wood sorrel, painted trillium, dwarf ginseng, and fringed polygala.