Pool & Beach

Skytop Lodge is proud to boast both and indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a beach with a swimming lake for guests to enjoy.  Skytop's indoor swimming pool is open year round.  The outdoor pool and access to beach swimming are available May-September (weather permitting).

The National Swimming Pool Foundation recommends a pool temperature of 78-80 for active swimming and 82-84 for general use. Since our indoor pool at Skytop is multi-use, we strive to keep our indoor pool temperature between 82-84 degrees year round. Our outdoor pool is heated in the early part of the season to allow for comfortable swimming. As the summer progresses, the heat is turned down to allow for natural heating and the saving of fossil fuels. Temperature fluctuations may be experienced in the outdoor pool based upon the weather conditions.

The indoor pool will be closed for refurbishing from September 2nd to September 18th. The outdoor pool will remain open during this time.

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