Leavitt Falls Trail

Level: Very Rugged

This trail should not be attempted in wet or icy conditions. It can be reached either by walking or driving to the Inn and then walking across the footbridge spanning the outlet of the Lower Lake. From here, the trail descends along the Leavitt Branch and down into a ravine called Devil’s Hole.

At several vantage points the beautiful Leavitt Falls can be viewed from both above and below, but great care should be taken due to large blocks of loose boulders and rough, slippery footing. This trail was once stabilized with steps, handrails and bridges crossing the stream, but the famous hurricanes and floods of 1955 completely destroyed them. The ravine’s dark forest of Hemlock and rhododendron contains rock cavities where porcupines, black bears, foxes and other wildlife take shelter.

The trail leaves the ravine and crosses a rocky section of forest dominated by huge white ash trees. It then ascends to the Golf Course, where it turns left and loops back toward the stream and footbridge.