East Meets West Therapies

A unique style of massage originating in Japan that uses stretching and pressure point techniques along the body’s energy pathways. Releases tension and invigorates the body and mind. Excellent for back and shoulder pain. This is the ultimate in deep tissue bodywork. Shiatsu is done on a comfortable mat in our massage room. Please wear loose clothing. (Shorts or sweatpants and T-shirts are optimal).
55 minutes - $140.00 / 85 minutes - $179.00

Warm eucalyptus or peppermint scented towels are applied to break up congestion due to headaches, sinus problems and colds. Acupressure is then applied to sinus and scalp points.
45 minutes - $110.00

Warm aromatic towels infused with tea tree and lavender is wrapped around each foot at the onset of this specialized therapy. Precise pressure is applied to areas on the feet that correspond to specific organs and structures of the body resulting in a feeling of overall wellbeing. (No disrobing required).
45 minutes - $110.00

Reiki is a focused energy healing technique, working through the Chakra energies. It is a noninvasive, safe form of hands-on or -off healing that can help reduce pain, promotes deep relaxation and increased energy and can result in a feeling of wellbeing and balance. Great for fibromyalgia, diabetics, cancer, nerve damage and sensitive to touch clients.
55 minutes - $120.00

A technique that employs crystals and stones combined with Reiki energy healing techniques. Specific crystals and stones are used to correspond to each chakra. Each crystal has a different healing vibration. The stones attract positive vibrations that attract positive events. These crystals through energy therapy will then be attuned to your personal energy to continue your experience at home.
55 minutes - $150.00

This service incorporates the use of bamboo sticks to enhance relaxation, provide deeper tissue work, promotes circulation as well as lymphatic drainage.  Our unique technique is guaranteed to leave you feeling well balanced and refreshed as your tension melts away.
55 min. - $116.50
85 min. - $167.00

18% gratuity is included in all services