Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding
From the very beginning, dog sledding has been a part of the Skytop experience. You can follow in our founders' tracks through the Pocono mountains, except up here, you can do it year-round. We offer sleds in the winter and carts or UTV's in the summer. Join us for training and to learn about how our huskies live up here at Skytop. As you can imagine, they live pretty well.

With over 15 years in racing sled dogs, Kim Darst, Skytop Lodge's dogsled tour guide, lead the first NJ team to qualify, enter, and run Iditarod, The Last Great Race. We pride ourselves with happy, healthy dogs while providing a variety of fun and educational experiences. You can come, relax, and see our Iditarod PowerPoint presentation or take a ride behind our Iditarod dogs.

With snow on the ground, sledders will get to experience hitching a ride with a selected few of our Iditarod team of sled dogs for a 1 hour tour.  Guests get to drive the sled with Kim while getting private instruction on how to drive and what to look for on this outdoor adventure.

We also offer dryland training runs on a golf cart or UTV when there isn't any snow outside.  This tour will take guest to the beautiful Ladder Falls where our dogs can stop for water while you enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Listen to stories from Iditarod about how to keep warm, how to melt snow, and what it is like to go 1000 miles on a dog sled in temps way below zero on this 1 hour long tour! When taking the UTV out, the full Iditarod team will lead riders on a 2 hour tour.

Full kennel guided tours are available to meet the dogs and find out how we care for them.

Dog sledding is an experience like no other. Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, the huskies are ready to take you on the most unique tour of Skytop!

For more information, call 570.595.7401 x8927.

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